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Hurricane Harvey and Maria – Organizations That ARE Making a Difference

Updated: May 23, 2020

THE ALLIANCE (For Multicultural Services)

The Alliance was established in 1985 and, since then, has transformed the lives of countless refugees, immigrants, and other neighbors in need.  Its mission is to create opportunities for refugees, immigrants, and underserved residents to achieve their goals for self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.  When Hurricane Harvey hit, The Alliance provided Disaster Recovery services which includes case managers and a support team who will connect individuals with needed resources and services to restore their lives.  Case managers and support staff speak many of the languages of their clientele. The Alliance Wellness Center supports the emotional care, behavioral health and mental health needs through individual, adult, group, child and family counseling.  Psychiatric consultations and medication management, trauma recovery in areas of domestic violence, human trafficking and disaster recovery and resilience building are also provided. The Alliance is providing a variety of support to members of the Cambodian community who reside in Rosharon, Texas, an agricultural area which was damaged by the Harvey.  Their homes and livelihood were destroyed, and many are still out of their homes and without employment. In addition to these services, The Alliance provides Adult Education and Training, Drivers Education and Mobility, Employment Services, Financial Opportunity Services, Youth Services and Refugee Programs.

Daniel Stoecker, CEO

6440 Hillcroft

Houston, TX  77081



AAHC was established in 1994 to address the needs of the growing Asian American community in the greater Houston area.  Although its goal was to establish a health clinic that would serve the linguistically and culturally diverse Asian population, the group discovered that it would take another seven years to create this important resource.  Documentation of need, research, advocacy and education became important activities for the AAHC to eventually establish HOPE Clinic, now a federally qualified health center (FQHC). With three locations, HOPE Clinic has been instrumental in providing health care to Katrina, Ike and now Harvey victims.  They project that the need for Behavioral Health Services will increase over the next 6 to 9 months since Harvey. Based upon this knowledge from past experiences, they are increasing their team’s capacity to screen and address behavioral issues in seniors and others, arising from the hurricane experience and the emotional and financial impact it will have on their lives.  The funds will be critical to accelerate staff preparedness and capacity to handle the increase in behavioral health events and provide much needed case management. HOPE Clinic has been able to put into practice the integrated behavioral health model which has been shown to work effectively among patients who might otherwise not be open to mental health services.

Andrea Caracostis, M.D., CEO

7001 Corporate, Suite 120

Houston, TX  77036


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