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Vote for Wellness Initiative

NAAPIMHA’s Vote for Wellness Initiative is a voter engagement campaign supporting Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities to get out the vote while centering their mental health and well-being during Election season.

The goals of the initiative are to increase voter participation within AANHPI communities by 1) providing voter education and voter registration support to AANHPI individuals with mental health challenges and disabilities and the loved ones who support them and 2) providing voter education through the lens of mental health education to inform AANHPI voters of candidate positions on mental health.

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Webinar Recap

AANHPI Voting Rights and Voting with Lived Experience + Launch of Vote for Wellness - 11/7/2023


What is "wellness"?

For many, our first thoughts about what wellness is might have something to do with individual health, happiness, and personal self-care. NAAPIMHA hopes to also frame wellness as a measure of community and societal wellness

that is a direct reflection of the world we shape through the decisions we make when voting and involving ourselves in civic engagement. 

Why does voting for wellness matter?

  • The American Medical Association recognizes voting as a structural determinant of health.

  • Civic health is just as important as physical/behavioral health:

    • Without a strong and healthy democracy, civil liberties, protection from discrimination, and just systems, there is no way for our communities to feel secure, safe, hopeful, and effective.

  • Voting and elections shape the quality of and accessibility to healthcare systems.

  • Elected officials offer differing levels of good and bad representation for AANHPI communities.

  • Elections have impacts on our mental health and health outcomes as communities of color.

  • Voting can increase our sense of efficacy and empowerment, which contributes to strengthening civic health.

  • Voting and civic engagement can counter anxiety and hopelessness by helping us feel heard and like we are making a difference and political progress with our choices, increasing our personal health.

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Upcoming Work

Get involved and take part in the following projects we will be rolling out throughout the upcoming year in preparation for the 2024 Presidential Elections!

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Voter Guide Webpage

Forthcoming webpage highlighting mental health voter issues, candidate platforms, and amplifying partner voter issue platforms.

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Community Engagement Events

In-person community engagement events and listening sessions at AANHPI organizations held in Colorado, Arkansas, and Massachusetts.


Events will focus on voter registration, voter education, voting for mental health, and the issues at the heart of AANHPI communities.

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Informational handouts to be shared as they are created, with a focus on
translating materials into AANHPI languages and continuing to center folks with lived experience.


Contact the Vote for Wellness team at for more information

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