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Our Trainings and Webinars

Achieving Whole Health

Balancing Mind, Body, & Spirit Wellness Coach Training for AANHPI-serving Community Organizations

The Achieving Whole Health training provides a creative, interactive and culturally relevant way of improving both health and mental health outcomes for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islander communities. Participants learn how to take an active role in improving their own health as well as learning ways to help others. 

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Mental Health First Aid

Youth & Adult Mental Health Training

Mental Health First Aid  teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. NAAPIMHA offers these trainings with cultural considerations specific to Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities.  Participants must be 18 years or older to participate.


Registration is free for this 8-hour training and includes a certification valid for three years. 

Friends DO Make A Difference

AANHPI Youth Mental Health Training

Friends DO Make a Difference is a mental health training program designed for high school students, college students, and young professionals. The purpose is to help students to develop and facilitate communication skills so they are able to talk about mental health issues. We offer workshops that help students manage stress and depression; improve listening skills to further assist friends that are going through challenges.


Upcoming Trainings

Our Training Experience


Caregiving: Difficult Dialogues across Generations

Caregiving: Difficult Dialogues across Generations

This recording features AARP's Daphne Kwok and their featured panelists, Glenn Masuda and D.J. Ida. Below are additional AARP's general resources and answers to questions raised during the Oct. 16, 2020 webinar. 1) To learn more about AARP, go to and follow on Facebook and Twitter @AARPAAPI. 2) For Chinese in-language resources, you can also visit 3) Visit for more mental health resources, including a list of AAPI organizations addressing mental health in your state. 4a) For caregiving resources, visit There, you can find resources like: AAPI Prepare to Care Guidebook (in English), – this also includes resources for LGBTQ community members and veterans 4b) AAPI Prepare to Care Guidebook (in Chinese), 5) 10-min Filipino Caregiving video of 3 Filipinos including Retired General Tony Taguba, 6) How to Start a Conversation About of End-of-Life Care, ] 6) 14 min. video of 3 Chinese Americans including MSNBC anchor Richard Lui discussing caregiving ,
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