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Mental Health Research Participation Opportunities: Dec 2023

A number of research studies and opportunities related to mental health/wellbeing are seeking participants:

  • Next Generation Brain Health Research Team at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine seeking survey participants:

  • Research Participants Wanted to Study The Impact of Racial/Ethnic Matching in Mental Health Therapy for Asian Americans.

    • Eligibility: Age: 18 or older, Asian American, US-born or 1.5 generation (immigrated as a child or young teenager), and must have mental health care experience with the same mental health counselor for at least 3 sessions.

    • How to Participate: Complete this 15-minute anonymous survey:

    • If you're interested, have questions, or want to have a deeper conversation, please reach out to Rina Li at:

  • Chinese American Volunteers Wanted for Mobile Health Application.

    • To see if you are eligible to participate, please complete this brief online screening questionnaire by visiting:

    • Participants will receive $60 for completing the first questionnaire and another $60 after completing the final questionnaire.

    • For more information, contact Trifoia at

    • *This research is funded by the National Institute of Health, grant 4R44MH125698-02 awarded to Iris Media, Inc. dba Trifoia

  • Research Participants Wanted for Stress & Coping in Asian Americans with Advanced/Metastatic Cancer Study.

    • Dr. Kim and team at the University of California Irvine are seeking research participants of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese heritage living with advanced/metastatic cancer to understand the stressors they experience and if it is related to quality of life, symptoms, coping, sleep, and wellbeing.The study requires about 2 hours of time, and participants would receive $145 for their completion. Learn more at: 

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