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Mental Health Resources for Maui & Hawai'i Island Wildfire Victims & Community Members



On Tuesday, August 8th, widespread wildfires ravaged the islands of Maui and Hawai’i Island, leading to devastating death, displacement, and destruction to these lands and its people. We at the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association send our deepest aloha and prayers to the families impacted by the wildfires. We offer this compilation of resources to amplify spaces of support during these challenging times.

Resources include:

  • Local Resource Guides

  • Support Groups & Community Circles (In-Person/Virtual)

  • Local Mental Health Resources

  • National Mental Health Resources

  • Supporting Victims of Maui Wildfire

We acknowledge there has been an overwhelming lot to process and a wide range of emotions that are being experienced right now. We acknowledge the tragedy is not over, only adding to our collective anxiety, fears, and wounds. We encourage you to take extra care and attention to your whole health - mind, body, and spirit. If you or someone you know is in need of support, we encourage you to review the following resources and reach out to us at or any of the organizations below for assistance.

Additionally, we would like to uplift the newly released Hawai'i Wildfire Recovery and Resilience Resource Webpage from our partners at the 'Ohana Center of Excellence. In additional to direct mental health supports, the webpage contains information of community resources and organizations that can assist individuals with concerns that are often exacerbated by natural disasters. These could include resources for disaster assistance, mental health support, unemployment assistance, domestic violence resources, financial assistance, health care services, and more.

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