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NAAPIMHA Call To Action Amid Crisis in Gaza

At the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Organization, we support all who are suffering from the consequences of the horrible acts of war in Gaza and the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We mourn the loss of thousands of innocent Palestinian and Israeli lives.

We hold all parties responsible for their actions that deny the right for everyone to live without fear of persecution, oppression, torture, genocide, or death. We also acknowledge that political power differentials have supported the Israeli government in perpetuating cycles and decades of oppression resulting in human rights violations against the Palestinian people. That said, we call upon the U.S. government to uphold international law, call for a ceasefire, and cease military, political, and economic support for Israel which continues to be one-sided.

As Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI), our histories are filled with examples of blindness, ignorance, greed, misplaced allegiance, colonialism, militarism, genocide, historical hate, and oppression that have resulted in actions at the individual, societal, and global levels where there are those who will prey on this for personal misguided gain. After 9/11 we witnessed a rise in violence aimed towards South Asians, West Asians, and Muslim communities. Unfortunately, we are witnessing this cycle of history repeating itself not only in Gaza but here in the United States through rising rates of violence fueled by islamophobia and antisemitism.

We recognize the complexity that this issue presents, however, believe our silence and ignorance fuel complacency and support the hate that fuels islamophobia and antisemitism. As with any conflict, we encourage people to reject the urge to blindly take sides and instead encourage you to engage in learning about the history of the conflict and challenging dialogue while centering all voices of those directly impacted by this violence.

Our AANHPI communities are familiar with the impact of generational and historical trauma and as an organization working in the mental health field, we have first-handedly seen the long-lasting impacts of this pain and suffering. Our hearts feel for those generations past, current, and future that have been impacted by the violence of this humanitarian, public health, and moral crisis. We stand in solidarity with those working towards a liberated world that values every human life.

Actions you can take:

  • Stay informed and do not turn away as this violence continues to occur in real-time.

  • Contact your representatives to demand a ceasefire and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

  • Grieve, rest, organize, and repeat. The mental health impact of all forms of oppression can have both immediate and long-term consequences. May we practice self-care and collective care towards one another as we call for an end to this genocide

Mental Health Supports & Healing Offerings. NAAPIMHA has compiled a list of mental health resources to support those directly or indirectly impacted by the crisis in Gaza and the ongoing Palestinian genocide. The list contains international resources for those in the Middle East as well as national resources in the U.S. centering those in the diaspora. Other upcoming events organized by AANHPI mental health organizations and healers are included to support AANHPI community members seeking a space to process, grieve, and organize as a collective.

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